Why are you doing a Visit My Mosque Day?

Open days are nothing new as mosques across Canada have been holding open days for many years. This is a chance to welcome and encourage neighbours to build relationships that will lead to a much stronger community.

Why are there only some mosques participating? Why aren’t all mosques involved?

Many mosques already hold open days other than the national Visit My Mosque day planned for November 10, 2018. Moreover, mosques generally have an open door policy and you can always contact their management regarding this. Also some mosques were unable to prepare the resources in time or already had other programming taking place. Finally, some mosques are very close in proximity in which case we have asked them to share resources and hold the event at one location.

Why are there no mosques in my area taking part?

We are sorry that there are no mosques near you taking part this year. This is often due to logistical reasons or building refurbishment work. Please do not hesitate in contacting their management to arrange a visit for yourself.

Why are mosques opening their door on just one day of the year?

Actually most mosques have an open door policy and anyone can walk in at anytime. Many mosques organize interfaith and community events open to the public regularly. Visit My Mosque is an initiative where TCMV has worked with mosques to open their doors on the same day nationally.

Who are the organizers of Visit My Mosque?

Visit My Mosque is run by the hundreds of ambassadors as mosques throughout the country. These volunteer ambassadors have opened the door to their mosques, sent out invitations, prepared activities and welcomed in all Canadians. At a national level, Visit My Mosque has been initiated and organized by The Canadian-Muslim Vote.

What can I expect to see when I enter a mosque?

Every mosque is different. You will be welcomed by ambassadors and likely directed to a main area. For Visit My Mosque, refreshments will be provided and other activities such as tours, Q&A’s and opportunities for networking will likely be facilitated.

Do mosques have a dress code?

Mosques will vary on dress code. However, as most religious institutions, most mosques will ask that guests respect the sacredness of the building by, for example, asking men to wear long trousers and women to wear long skirts or a shawl.


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